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Three Great Resources for Internet Users

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John Pachecus
November 21, 2007

John Pachecus
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Search engines continue to evolve. Nowadays, the objective is not to become another Google or another Yahoo. What most companies are trying to accomplish is to become more revolutionary. The idea is to be more specific. For example, a search engine dedicated for products, books, news much like Digg and other related news updating services. There is also a clear trend to search for meaning approach.

However, creating your own search engine web application is not a simple task. It takes time, resources and effort to build something as useful as Articler.com, for example. Free Internet Articles (http://www.articler.com/) from articler.com, this is a search engine website that allows email list or ezine publishers to download or upload free expert content, which can in turn be used freely on personal websites. Moreover, Articler.com provides free, fresh contents for your site and has free RSS script and a new script "Articles in Your Site" that you can use to show articler.com's articles in your site, the user don't has to leave your's.

In order to make your search quicker and easier, Articler.com categorizes its articles. Articles are organized into categories. Some examples are business, home based business, legal, finance, writing and speaking, reference and education, arts and entertainment, health and fitness, cancer, self improvement, communications, computers and technology, food and drink, the Internet and online businesses, home and family, news and society, recreation and sports, shopping and product reviews, reference and education, health and fitness.

Only fresh articles are added to Articler.com, so be sure to browse the latest article listing to see that other website. Recent additions include travel-related articles, as well as some articles discussing fitness, health and sports.

Another web based directory that you may want to add to your website is wmxp.com. This Web Directory (http://www.wmxp.com/) is free and contains an excellent selection of web-based directories. There are an estimated 431 categories of directories waiting to be published on your site. Wmxp offers random RSS feeds as well. Categories of web- based directories include arts and humanities, artists, crafts, museums, blogs, business and economy, chats and forums, marketing and advertising, finance and investment, employment, computers and the Internet, education, entertainment, health and much more. Each major category is subdivided into smaller groups which contain more varied and encompassing topics.

These two web directories can come in really handy. Meanwhile, in those cases where you want to be anonymous while browsing the internet, here's an interesting program that you might want to consider.

For a complete guide to Anonymous Surfing and Online Privacy (http://www.findproxy.org/), a good option is to use FindProxy.org. The site contains all the necessary tools to provide you with full control over you browsing experience. By using FindProxy, you will be able to control your web surfing experience. Since your location and IP address are not displayed when you use a proxy, you can surf in complete privacy. Don't worry about the functionality of your web browser when you use an anonymous proxy. All web-related activities remain normal, which means you can browse, chat, send and receive e-mails and even transfer files pretty much the same way as you do when you use ordinary servers.

The advantage of using a proxy server is that, to a certain degree, it protects you against the onslaught of spam, spyware and junk mail advertising. These can be really troublesome, in addition to being potentially dangerous to the integrity of your computer system. Hackers can just as easily access your personal information through these spyware programs. When you use an anonymous proxy server, however, your personal information is secure.

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