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KPUT Komedy Korner (no kredit kard nekessary)

Audio comedy, comedy writing

Multimedia Tutorial

8 part tutorial from Web Monkey that covers audio, video, and other forms of multi-media on the web.

Produce Streaming Audio That Satisfies Satisfies

Looking to put audio files on your website? This is an excellent article that describes the process in detail.


Information for RealAudio products.

RealAudio Frequently Asked Questions

How to get RealAudio on your website. ++ deals with quite a few other RealAudio issues.

StationRadio Web Stations

Web Stations allow you to place a radio station player right into your website with just one line of code! Once you have placed the line of code into your website, your users will be able to pick a cool radio station to listen to, without leaving your sit

World Wide Wen Virtual Library: Audio

Many good resources related to audio over the Web.

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