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Always on top message

This is a TV-like message script that creates an "always-on-top" message, centered at the bottom of the surfer's screen. Use it like its used on TV- to advertise your products, or anything else that requires special attention.

Bouncing Input Box Text

Bouncing text in an input box.

Bouncing Status Bar Text

Text message bounces back and forth in the status bar.

Flashing Status Bar Message

The script causes the flashing text in your browser's status bar.

Messages @ The JavaScript Source

JavaScript Messages -- These scripts all deal with JavaScript Messages. Some will tell you simply the date or time, and others will even tell you a random quote! Each script comes complete with a demo and source code nicely formatted into a form text bloc

Status Bar Text Shoot

This script scrolls a message from right to left one character at a time in your status bar.

Text Info Box

This JavaScript allows you to display messages in a text box.

Ticker Tape

This Javacript will create a scrolling ticker tape message.



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