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Hiding the Browsers Focus Borders. Should I, Or Shouldn’t I?

by Cody Lindley May 24, 2006
I’m not sure how this will jive with the accessibility minded folks, but I must admit I am just sick and tired of those pesky dotted borders. The dotted visual clutters up the presentation.

Background Effects @ The JavaScript Source

JavaScript Background Effects -- These scripts extensively use JavaScripts dynamic 'document.bgcolor' command one way or another. Some produce a random background image or color, and others flash background colors at the user. Each script comes complete w

Background Fade

Causes the background to fade from one color to another. You can set the colors in hex code.

Different BG Color Depending on Time of Day

This JavaScript changes the background color of the page depending on the time of day.

Magic Wand cursor

Make the cursor on your page the center of attention for once, with this script. It renders minute glowing particles that revolve the cursor in a 3D, circular trajectory, like in a magic wand. Mesmerizing!

Snow Effect

Decorate your webpage with this great animated document effect! Watch as snow gently trickles down the page, then disappear. The image used is changeable, so snow definitely isn't the only effect this script can render...



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