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Automatic Pulldown Menu

Once a link within the menu is selected, the visitor is automatically taken to the website without hitting 'Go!'

Cursor Link

This JavaScript send you to a given URL when your cursor goes over the link, no clicking required!

Double combo script

This is an advanced combo script that uses two drop down boxes, one as the main categories, the other as the links associated with each category. Use it to intuitively and efficiently organize the links on your page.

Dynamic Links

Dynamically change the link address for a hyperlink based on their entry in the pulldown menu. Send to different email addresses or URLs.

Link Wheel

This JavaScript flips through a list of Sites that you provide and when a user clicks a button, they are transported to the site that is listed in the text box.

Navigation @ The JavaScript Source

JavaScript Navigation -- These scripts all deal with JavaScript Navigation scripts. They all help your visitors navigate around your site - either with menu lists, random links, etc. Each script comes complete with a demo and source code nicely formatted

Pulldown Menu

You can make it easier on our visitors to find their way around your site.

Select from Menu

Select from a list box and a message will appear, you can then go to the corresponding URL.

Triple combo script

Compact and organize your site's links three layers deep using this triple combo script!



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