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Best 7 Advantages of Using jQuery for Animation

by Jack Dawson September 17, 2015
There is no doubt that flash is a great tool trough which you can add perfect animation to your web page. Today, most of modern websites are displaying attractive animations by using the flash software. Although, flash is the mostly used software, but tech experts all over the world have found some technical deficit in the flash software that can only been fulfilled by jQuery.

Control Structures

by Team uCertify February 28, 2007
Most of the programming languages use control structures to control the flow of a program.

Hiding the Browsers Focus Borders. Should I, Or Shouldn’t I?

by Cody Lindley May 24, 2006
I’m not sure how this will jive with the accessibility minded folks, but I must admit I am just sick and tired of those pesky dotted borders. The dotted visual clutters up the presentation.

A1 JavaScripts

This site features a large amount of high quality free javascripts, also a dhtml section, tutorials, forum and online tools. It exhibits full working examples of each script, is a high traffic site, well presented and updated regularly.


The newest JS Directory on the web.

Alert Button

Click on a button and an alert box appears with a message.

Alerts @ The JavaScript Source

JavaScript Buttons -- These scripts all deal with JavaScript Button Effects. There are some really neat buttons you can use on your page.

Always on top message

This is a TV-like message script that creates an "always-on-top" message, centered at the bottom of the surfer's screen. Use it like its used on TV- to advertise your products, or anything else that requires special attention.

Analog clock script

This script harnesses the power of VML in IE 5 to create a VML analog clock. The clock can be displayed anywhere inline on the page, and both it's size and coloring can be modified. Degrades well with all browers.

Auto Email

This JavaScript will help you to e-mail anyone. Just click 'E-Mail Someone!' and JavaScript will ask you for the e-mail address, subject, etc. Then, a new mail message is opened for you.

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