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JavaSoft Tutorial

Great Java tutorial. Covers applets as well many other aspects of Java programming.


Jobsite and community for java Professionals


Professionally made applets for sale.

Peter Norvig's Infrequently asked questions list

Less frequently asked questions on OOP and performance subtleties.

Pure Java Education Center

Various tutorials for creating Java apps.

Sun's Java and JDK tutorials

High-level introductory questions and answers regarding all aspects of Java programming.

Sun's Java Tutorial

On-line version of book from Addison-Wesley.


A good balance of the mechanics of Swing and using it to build complex applications. The book is currently under development and is freely available in Word and HTML format.

The Java Boutique Applets

From Jason Gurney and MecklerMedia.

The Java Centre

Lots of game and puzzle applets, good if you like that sort of thing.

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