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7 Benefits of Using jQuery That You Need to Know

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Charlie Brown
May 02, 2018

Charlie Brown
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Before looking at the benefits of jQuery, it is essential that you get to understand what it is. In simple terms, jQuery is a JavaScript library which is designed to enhance your scripting HTML as a client.

What is better than having a system which can ease the pain of web application development? That is right! There is so much that you can do with this developer tool and with the right information and support like what you get from Kotton Grammer Los Angeles. Many organizations and businesses are using it; why not give it a try?

To get a deeper understanding, check out some of the reasons why you should be using jQuery:

This developer tool enhances simplicity

Understand that jquery is established on short and simple code, which makes it easy for developers to learn. Do not worry about your field of expertise. With this tool, you do not need to be one. It requires a simple implementation to create an amazing style for your website. With the right number of additional components, you will get to appreciate the simplicity of using this particular library.

The library is SEO friendly

When talking about SEO friendly, it is simply the aspect of featuring several good characteristics on a website to enable it to attract more traffic. As much as you want your website to have some sense of style and look appealing in the eyes of your clients, you cannot afford to trade that for SEO. You get to decide the way you want to code your site, but how you do it has a significant impact on its appearance on pages such as Bing and Google among other search engines.

This brings you to a summary of the important characteristics of an SEO friendly website:

  • Presence of unique descriptions and titles which are unique
  • It has permanent descriptive links that are separated by dashes.
  • It has webpages that load fast to enhance user interactions.
  • It has unique and useful content that is rarely found anywhere else on the web.
  • The pages on this website have a meaningful structure and exceptional elements such as header, breadcrumb menu, a footer and author information among other content.


The pages on this developer tool load faster

I bet you have experienced many challenges of delay when loading pages on search engines such as Google. The time of loading pages on the web has been a limiting factor for a long time, up until jQuery was developed. The reason why the pages tend to load slower than usual is because of long complicated and code. For this reason, you should make an effort to develop code that is lighter and more concise.

You would be able to achieve that by reducing the length of your codes, and jQuery comes in handy to assist you with that. Coding your site with a CSS and HTML base will enable you to make uniform adjustments all through your code to reduce its size.

Another added advantage of jQuery is that you would be able to load div tags in the case where you need them, and not at any other time. For instance, you may be required to load them when you are implementing the necessary measures to enhance the speed of your site. This would enable to load the content that your audience wants to see immediately and have other content load as it is needed.

The library’s elements are displayed upon disablement of the JavaScript

In a case where you have not installed Adobe Flash on any of your browsers, you may experience several instances whereby your pages may render incorrectly. This can be a huge stumbling block in your case since a lot of valuable time would be spent by your developers to code for the browsers that lack the application.

Did you come across the word ‘stumbling block’ somewhere on this article? Well, with jQuery, you can forget about it. With the presence of HTML DOM always, you won’t have to worry about your browser settings also because your content will be rendered even in cases where JavaScript is disabled in the browser.

The price is just right

So what are the costs of obtaining a jQuery library? It is in the human nature to think about the costs of something first before embarking on making any decisions when it comes to money. With this library, you will not have to spend a dime because it is free. This helps your business save money. Now that you love free stuff, why not make use of this developer tool?

jQuery has a low learning curve

As one of the benefits of using jQuery, you can establish your animated applications in the same way the Flash was developed. To develop such kind of application, say you are an average developer, it may take you close to five years to learn the necessary skills of creating something close to it.

With jQuery, you only require the skills and knowledge of JavaScript and HTML without having to go through the hassle of making special adjustments for technologies such as Flash.

jQuery is a cross-compatible application that works on any browser

Since this library has HTML implemented into it, it can run on any browser, tablet or mobile phone; we can call it a smart device with smart features. This tool also supports the use of Visual Studio, which integrates the jQuery library to activate a feature which enables immediate accessibility to syntax and jQuery methods without having to leave a code to do research.

The jQuery mobile theme has also been added to windows to enable all the benefits that come with the library to be availed for the Windows phone platform.

With all these vast advancements, Microsoft has not been left out. The application has several jQuery elements which promote the use of this developer tool in Metro-style UI apps and also in mobile development.

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