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The Rise Of Cloud Computing

by Andrew Simmons November 09, 2018
Roll back the clock a few years ago, and the term cloud computing would probably be associated with fairyland. Suffice to say, things have changed, and this is now one of the main buzzwords of the tech industry.

Green Web Hosting – How It Works?

by Paul Sanders September 21, 2018
Are you interested in lowering your online carbon footprint? Learn about green web hosting and how it can be beneficial for your business and your website.

Must Have Features for a Belting Business Web Host in 2018

by James Helliwell March 12, 2018
Choosing a web host is delicate for any web owner. It is even more so for businesses as success or failure could be determined by the web host. With this in mind, here are must have features for a business web host in 2018.

The Impact Web Hosting Services Has On E-Commerce Profits

by James Cummings November 23, 2017
Since the dot-com era of the late 90s and early 2000s, many Ecommerce websites have sprung up. The extreme growth of the internet has led to the formation of many internet-based companies who compete for consumer attention.

How Hackers Get Into Your Website And How To Stop Them

by James Cummings June 20, 2017
Websites could be hacked for any number of reasons. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, anybody can get hacked.

5 Lame Blogging Excuses You Should Give If You Want To Fail As A Blogger

by James Helliwell April 05, 2017
There are lots of challenges that bloggers face, and for starters and even some pros, theirs is a bunch of unnecessary excuses. Theses excuses have slowed their progress in their blogging career.

Why Your Website Needs SSL

by Harry Trott March 31, 2017
Encryption is a controversial topic. While the officials in UK have been pushing against encryption technology following the latest terror attacks in UK, there is no gainsaying the fact that encryption is an absolute necessity for modern day websites.

Five Benefits of Choosing A Dedicated Web Server

by Andrew Simmons September 08, 2016
Whether you are setting up a business website or a blog, here are five benefits of choosing a dedicated web server to suit your tastes and needs.

The Changing Paradigm of Cloud and its Security Concerns

by Anthony Taylor January 11, 2016
If there is anything that has stirred up investments and interests in the entire world, it is cloud computing. It has grown from being just a promising concept to one of the ever-increasing segments in the IT industry.

How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Company At The First Time Of Asking

by Jay Helliwell December 14, 2015
When it comes to hosting a website, the sheer number of options available can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. This piece shows you how you can choose your first and only web host.

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