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5 Lame Blogging Excuses You Should Give If You Want To Fail As A Blogger

by James Helliwell April 05, 2017
There are lots of challenges that bloggers face, and for starters and even some pros, theirs is a bunch of unnecessary excuses. Theses excuses have slowed their progress in their blogging career.

Why Your Website Needs SSL

by Harry Trott March 31, 2017
Encryption is a controversial topic. While the officials in UK have been pushing against encryption technology following the latest terror attacks in UK, there is no gainsaying the fact that encryption is an absolute necessity for modern day websites.

Five Benefits of Choosing A Dedicated Web Server

by Andrew Simmons September 08, 2016
Whether you are setting up a business website or a blog, here are five benefits of choosing a dedicated web server to suit your tastes and needs.

The Changing Paradigm of Cloud and its Security Concerns

by Anthony Taylor January 11, 2016
If there is anything that has stirred up investments and interests in the entire world, it is cloud computing. It has grown from being just a promising concept to one of the ever-increasing segments in the IT industry.

How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Company At The First Time Of Asking

by Jay Helliwell December 14, 2015
When it comes to hosting a website, the sheer number of options available can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. This piece shows you how you can choose your first and only web host.

Advantages of Big Data in the Cloud

by Mohit Patil September 17, 2015
For any business, large or small, data and knowledge are the key assets. It can help unleash and reveal hidden trends about the market and consumers, which may not be clearly visible otherwise. However, with the rapid technology transformation, organizations have to manage very large volumes of structured and unstructured data, which might be difficult to be stored and analyzed by traditional solutions.

Building a Smart Business Through Cloud-Based Enterprise Automation

by Anand Srinivasan August 24, 2015
Until recently, a small business’ entire stock of IT resources consisted of an Internet-connected computer, an email client, a spreadsheet software, and some sort of accounting application.

5 Reasons To Take Mobile Device Management To The Cloud

by Ben Conner April 26, 2012
The evolution of mobile devices and their role in the enterprise is a topic that has garnered much discussion among IT administrators. Not that long ago, the majority of people used traditional “flip” phones as opposed to today’s smartphones and tablets that connect to the Internet, run mobile apps and access corporate data.

Green Web: Being Environmentally Conscious with a “Green” Web Hosting Provider

by Athena Jasper August 04, 2010
It’s impossible to go anywhere today without hearing about green initiatives. There are green homes, green restaurants, green appliances, even green collar jobs. Everyone wants to do their part to save the environment, which is great considering the years of damage that we have to undo.

5 Tips When Choosing Multiple Domain Hosting

by Ricky Lim January 05, 2007
If you have or are planning to have several domains running on the web, then you should consider getting a multiple domain hosting. Multiple domain hosting allows you to host several domains under a single hosting plan. Most web hosting companies call it shared hosting.

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