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Must Have Features for a Belting Business Web Host in 2018

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James Helliwell
March 12, 2018

James Helliwell
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Choosing a web host is delicate for any web owner. It is even more so for businesses as success or failure could be determined by the web host. With this in mind, here are must have features for a business web host in 2018.

Positive history and social proof

“You need to be sure your web host has been around for a decent amount of time and have garnered a positive reputation across the web, especially on social media” says Mark at Xedi.com who are business specialists. “There are many examples of web hosts that come to the market with eye raising promises but they end up closing shop after a few months taking down a number of businesses with them”.

Near Round the Clock Server uptime

The main goal of any online business is to be able to provide services to customers at all times. This hands-free nature of online business is why many people embrace it. The purpose however will be defeated if your business web host doesn’t have infrastructure that allows their servers to work 99.9% of the time. It only takes one or two outages for customers to blacklist your business so any leads or customers acquired over a period of time could be lost in a flash to your competition.

Easy to use control panel

A business web host should be able to provide you with a control panel that can be used by anyone without hours of training or watching a video tutorial. A control panel that isn’t intuitive is counterproductive and could lead to a broken website when in the hands of non-tech personnel.


The goal of any business is to continue to grow with each passing year. This growth is good for the finance books but for some webhosting companies, it could be a strain on resources. This is why a formally functional business website can immediately start facing bandwidth problems with an increase in visitors. A web hosting company that thrives on scalability is good for your business as it ensures you can continue increasing your web hosting needs from time to time in line with your business growth.


A business webhost may excel in all the other points covered here but may not be the best for you if the pricing isn’t competitive.  The best business webhosts know how to offer all inclusive pricing, devoid of any hidden fees, that reflects the quality of service required by any business. From your early days as a start up to the moment you become  a mainstream name, you should be able to enjoy top level web hosting within your budget.

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