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5 Lame Blogging Excuses You Should Give If You Want To Fail As A Blogger

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James Helliwell
April 05, 2017

James Helliwell
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There are lots of challenges that bloggers face, and for starters and even some pros, theirs is a bunch of unnecessary excuses. Theses excuses have slowed their progress in their blogging career. These excuses ranges from not having enough time, being stressed out, being sick, not having enough ideas, fear of failure and rejection from their audience. Some don’t even know which niche they should write for, despite successfully chasing one for they started. We spoke to www.openhost.co.nz/domain-names/ about the reasons people fail at blogging.


In this article we shall be discussing some common excuses bloggers make that you should avoid as plague.


There Are Not Enough Topics In My Niche

Really? Whatever niche you chose there are over a million topics waiting to be talked about. Whoever or whatever made you think that people have written about all the topic in your niche should have a rethink. This post might sound harsh but there are a lot of tools out there to always help you get a topic as long as you have the idea. Tools like Potent tittle maker will always assist you in getting fresh topics in your niche.

I Don’t Have Enough Time

No time is ever enough for anybody, not even the professional bloggers. Yours might be that you work several hours a day and gets tired and exhausted after work, but the truth remains that whenever you start writing and the idea keeps flowing you wouldn’t feel any more stress or lack of time. Time moves faster when you are busy and every second you invest in writing will not only benefit you in building your blog but also help someone out there who needed to read that topic.

My Audience May Not Like What I Write

Another lame excuse I may say. Nobody is perfect, what you reject might be what another person cherishes. For instance, you may think that your post sounds so unprofessional and armature. You should also understand that it will not be only professionals that would read your post. In fact he simplicity of your language might appeal to a professional that is in need of reading something that sounds simple than what he is used to.

I Don’t Know Where to Start

Starting point can always be a confusing issue for both professional and beginner bloggers. For the beginner, the issue with starting point might be as a result of lack of idea on what is required to start a blog with. If this is your case start by getting a domain name, see this article for more details.  However if you lack topic idea see the first point. Many times the confusing on where to start might even come after getting a topic. You are not alone, many people have been there. The solution to this is for you to start anywhere; you know you are comfortable with. Remember back in school days when you have to start an exam with any question you can confidently answer? It also works in the blogging world.

I Will Have To Wait Until I Know More About Blogging Before I Start

Waiting until you gather enough knowledge before starting is like a baby saying she will not work until she knows how an adult life works. You can never know all about anything, not even blogging. Many successful bloggers today started with little or no idea at all. One good thing about knowledge is that the more you practice, read and practice again is the more you know about such thing. You might be asking; how can I start when I don’t know anything about blogging? The truth is that you already know enough to start with.

Stop Procrastinating and Start Blogging Now

Whatever you excuses are, whether I mentioned it or not, you need to stop giving those excuses and start writing now (yes I mean now not later). You may not know whose life you will be touching with those words you call unprofessional. Somebody out there is waiting to read your post. No matter how wacky you may sound, there is always room for improvement. Remember no one knows it all, not even the first blogger. So get your things ready and start blogging.

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