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Are You Content With the Quality of Your Ezine? How to Send HTML-Formatted Emails in Outlook Express

by Dina Giolitto November 17, 2006
How many times has this happened to you: you've been slaving over that email newsletter for hours, perfecting the tables, checking and rechecking the copy, tweaking image files. You're finally ready to send, hooray! You take a deep breath, click... and what happens?

Effective SEO through Good Code Structure

by Adriana Iordan November 13, 2006
How to improve your website code to rank better in search enginesFor a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy, take into consideration that search engines look at content and also at the structure of the markup. They emphasize the importance of text content, page titles, keywords rich text, meta descriptions and information architecture. A website where quality of content and code prevails will rank higher in the major search engines.

The Continuing Development Of CSS as a Web Standard

by Kadence Buchanan November 08, 2006
Cascading style sheets were formally introduced by the W3C in 1997 and in the nine years since have made gradual progress to becoming a web standard. Although the W3C mandates style sheets instead of HTML formatting for internal styles, many web designers have been slow to adopt CSS.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Web Templates or WYSIWYG Editors for Web Design

by Jaya Kumar Patchala October 23, 2006
A lot of people get tempted by good looking web templates. Some template vendors even offer do-it-yourself kits to their customers.

Websites, Search Engines and All That Jazz

by Jose de la Serna September 27, 2006
The business of putting up a website on the World Wide Web is not really for the faint-hearted. It is very easy to think that there is nothing to it. A naive newbie will always say, there are about 70 million websites in the Internet, surely I can make one just like the ugliest one there is.

HTTP Cookies Explained

by Andrew Nielsen August 25, 2006
An HTTP cookie is a small piece data. This data is sent by a web server when a user loads a page and then sent back unchanged to the server every time the user accesses the server. The purpose of this is to allow the server to identify the individual users requesting web pages from the server.

Top 7 Tips for Using CSS

by Nasir A August 07, 2006
Consider the following 7 reasons why using CSS is a must and see if it convinces you to change your method of web design.

CSS support in HTML emails of Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail

by Xavier Frenette July 20, 2006
This article doesn't discuss about whether or not HTML messages have their place in our mailboxes, but about a problem web developers face when creating HTML emails: the email client support of CSS.

How To Create and Send HTML Newsletters

by John Jantsch July 14, 2006
An HTML Newsletter is a newsletter delivered via email that looks very much like a web page.

Tag and Ping - Get Your Blogs Indexed Fast

by Radu Ciocan July 11, 2006
Tags are keywords that you use in your blog post. If you have a blog about dogs and you just write a post about dog food, your possible tags would be, say: dog, dogs, dog food, natural dog food, dog food recipe, and any other keywords that you used in your post.

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