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Avoid Confusion: 5 Ways to Simplify Your Web Design Process

by Juliette Anderson April 01, 2020
When you try to build your site, ideas will most likely come flashing down your head like a flurry. You might even find it hard to resist the temptation of acknowledging everything while trying to marry all ideas into one chaotic website.

Why You Should Use HTML WordPress Themes?

by Nicholas December 08, 2016
WordPress is definitely one of the best CMSs you can use for your website out there. It has provisions for virtually any type of website may it be an ecommerce site or a blog.

How To Get An Error-Free PSD to HTML Conversion

by David Miller August 08, 2016
PSD to HTML is a globally reckoned conversion technology used popularly by the newbies as well as experienced developers for all major web development projects. No wonder, it is categorized as one of the easiest, intuitive and authorized technologies for materializing conversion process of static PSD files into dynamic HTML codes. Also, the error-free results proffered by this service are matchless and designed with perfection.

Using CSS for a Simpler Life

by Robert P Williams October 29, 2007
CSS makes creating visually appealing pages a simplified task. CSS does not require loads of opening and closing tags that basic HTML depends on. This allows the webmaster to easily design page backgrounds, text fonts and many other elements required for visually appealing web pages quickly and easily.

Making Your Website Cross Browser Compatible

May 03, 2007
This is not an article that will bash Internet Explorer or Firefox, nor take sides with either of the most popular browsers.

New CSS Commands for Internet Explorer 7

by Trenton Moss March 13, 2007
There are a small handful of new CSS commands that you can now use for Internet Explorer 7. Well, they're not really new - most other browsers have supported them for a long time and IE is only just catching up. These new commands basically give you more

Four C's of Quicker Load Time

by Kimberly Bodane January 22, 2007
Studies have shown that regardless of how great your content may be, you have approximately 8 seconds for your page to load, before a majority of viewers will opt to hit the road. This means you could have a truly content rich, graphically pleasing source of entertainment - but if you can't match it with acceptable load times, it won't matter in many cases.

Ten CSS Tricks You May Not Know

by Trenton Moss January 09, 2007
10 original CSS tricks for your webpage.

HTML Checklist

by Vadim Nareyko December 12, 2006
A useful checklist that helps you to verify whether your webpage is well styled and standards compliant.

Is Your Business Website "Old School"?

by Linda Bustos November 24, 2006
Is your business website's potential stunted by its use of outdated coding technology? This article explains how replacing tables-based HTML coding with Cascading Style Sheets can drive search engine traffic, improve the customer experience, save you money on hosting and maintenance and give your website a professional look that makes a lasting impression.

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