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How To Get An Error-Free PSD to HTML Conversion

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David Miller
August 08, 2016

David Miller

David Meyer

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PSD to HTML is a globally reckoned conversion technology used popularly by the newbies as well as experienced developers for all major web development projects. No wonder, it is categorized as one of the easiest, intuitive and authorized technologies for materializing conversion process of static PSD files into dynamic HTML codes. Also, the error-free results proffered by this service are matchless and designed with perfection. But not all of the developers are adept in creating validated codes and performing conversion services that can reap long-term benefits.

Despite being well-informed about the technology, these developers fail to create organized, error-free, and validated web solutions. These failed attempts are often counted as the mistakes committed by these developers during conversion processes.  

This transformation of static PSD files into dynamic HTML codes needs to be skillfully done under expert supervision by utilizing the latest technologies and tools. Any error in the due course can result in long-lasting bad effects for the business and the site, which means mistakes at such a level are quite unavoidable. So getting an idea about the common mistakes done by developers during this process can help you avoid them in future and definitely give you a list of what NOT TO DO when converting PSD files into HTML.   

Top Mistakes to be avoided during PSD to HTML Conversion

Here is a list of common mistakes committed by programmers while carrying out the PSD to HTML conversion process. Hope this would help you get an error-free output next time. Here are they:


1. Conversion Software
Using conversion software for this process is a big no for all those who are looking forward to getting this conversion process done for the first time. There is a common saying that shortcuts are not meant for long-term results, so if you are looking for some everlasting benefits, you must look for a verified conversion software. Undoubtedly, the perfection and quality offered by these competent developers can never be compared to the ones delivered by these conversion software. You cannot rely on the quality and authenticity of the results delivered by these software

2. Wrong Closing Of Tags
Closing tags in the wrong way is the most common mistake done by programmers during the process. This is a severe mistake that needs to be taken care of in order to improve the usability and accessibility of the site. Most of the inexperienced developers do not close the tags that need to be closed properly either by adding the closing tag at the end or placing closing slash in the end. Link tags, image tags, etc. are among the few that require attention from the developers while closing.

3. No Special Characters
As known, search engines cannot read special characters and including them in the coding may only hamper the ranking of your site. And, most of the developers even today forget “not to include” special characters in the coding of the website, which ultimately creates the problem for it in the long run.

4. Wrong DOCTYPE
Putting wrong DOCTYPE and displaying it in the coding is a bad habit. It is the DOCTYPE that informs about the HTML coding which is done on this specific site. So keeping things in a wrong way here may cost you big in terms of site’s visibility, prominence, and reach amid users.

5. Using Specific Checker Tools
What makes the project a failure at the end is its improper testing during the process and the same goes with PSD to HTML Conversion process. Most of the developers, for the sake of saving few bucks, either try to skip or unwillingly do the testing of developed codes. They rely on these third-party add-ons to check the responsiveness of the design instead of using an authorized responsive checker tool

6. Inline CSS
Many of the novice developers, in order to create some outstanding web solutions, tend to bundle up or fill HTML coding with unnecessary or less-needed CSS. So better keep both CSS and HTML in separate files. 

7. Redundancy in Alt Tags
Image Alt tags are equally important for the development and SEO purposes. All developers, who are new to this field, tend to make frequent mistakes when providing alt tags to the images. This affects the ranking of the site as search engines find its problematic to crawl such sites.

Error in Syntax tags
Writing incorrect tag names is another common mistake done by inexperienced developers during PSD to HTML conversion. Any irrelevance regarding content and its heading may result in the wrong display of the site and its components to the audience.

Wrapping Up!

So now that you are aware of the common mistakes mostly committed by developers during PSD to HTML Conversion, you can now easily prevent them occurring in your next project. However, if these mistakes aren’t taken seriously, they might cause some serious troubles to the site and to the business. Hence, getting the professional assistance of experienced HTML developers can be of great help. CSSChopper is one such leading web design and development company that offers remarkable PSD to HTML conversion services to its clients across the globe.  

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