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Tips for Instructing Website Designers & Developers

by Kaltons Solicitors April 12, 2007
A reputable designer should have a set of standard terms and you should check they are fair and contain some basic provisions.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Web Site

by Adriana Iordan March 30, 2007
Several years ago, having a web page (as a business or as an individual), was an indicator of prosperity, and required a certain amount of financial power. Nowadays, almost everybody has one. They are easy to create (thanks to instant web page generators), even if they are not always works of art.

Your Complete Guide to Website Redesign

by Rajesh Tavakari March 26, 2007
There is no doubt that website redesign can be necessary for anyone. Here, we will take a much closer look at some of the things which you should be sure to take into consideration when you decide to have your website redesigned. Read on to learn more about this, as well as why website redesigning may be of importance to your website.

Are you making your mind to design a website, then how you choose a web design company?

by Alex Roderick March 19, 2007
Everyone knows that today is the age of internet. Every successful company knows that a web site is an essential marketing tool. Whether you're in the business of selling widgets, soliciting volunteers, or building your brand awareness, a carefully executed internet marketing plan can reap a tremendous return on your time and money. so that’s why they people making, and updating their business website according to the time and technology.

Web Site Navigation and Design

by Russell Arsenault February 27, 2007
It seems that one of the hardest things to get right in web design is creating proper layout and navigation. Sometimes a web site will be very rich in content, except that traffic will suffer due to poor navigational structure. In other words, navigation has become one of the key ingredients in developing sustainable, long-term traffic to your site.

Ten Ways To Instantly Improve Your Usability

by Ivy Hastings February 16, 2007
Whether it's an e-commerce site, an online tool, or just your company's corporate sites -- smart marketers know that web site usability is key to the success of any online presence

10 Tips for Design and Development of a Website

by Vijayanand Yadla December 19, 2006
This article lists 10 points to be considered when designing a web site.

Comprehensive Web Design Checklist

by Michael A. Cordova December 14, 2006
Your Web site needs to do more than make your company look good. It has to support your overall business operations - customer service, sales and marketing and collaboration. Whether you're planning an intranet or Internet site, don't start before you check your strategy against this comprehensive checklist.

Designing Websites That Appeal To The Senses

by Jerry Bader November 29, 2006
We read the newspaper, we watch television, and we listen to the radio, but we experience the Web; this is what makes 'The Website' one of the most powerful marketing tools available to today's marketing executives. Unfortunately conventional wisdom has s

Your Web Designer Is Not the Boss - You Are

by Itay Paz November 22, 2006
Web designers are experts at constructing and managing websites and can be a great asset to your online business. That being said, there are some webpage designers out there who can get carried away and will try to design a website they way they want it, and not the way their employer asked them.

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