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An introduction to web design and graphic design is contained in these pages. Resources as well as suggestions for graphic manipulation using photoshop are included as well.

The resurrection for the "designers adrenalin kick"

by Michael Christensen
Starting a web project from scratch can be an intimidating process. On the other hand we know what to expect: hours of planning - sweating in the late hours creating the design.

The Sevloid Guide to Web Design

Tips and tricks relating to every aspect of web design, covering page layout, navigation, content and graphics.

The Sevloid Guide to Web Design

Outlines the basic elements associated with good web design. Includes a tips and tricks section.

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

Many websites look awful. This quick checklist will help you make sure that yours isn't one of them.

Web Design Articles:A Quick Loading Site

Do you want your site to load quickly? If it is your personal homepage, it may be a big deal to you. If you are trying to run a business, or offer people important information, this can be very important. If your front page takes a great deal of time to l

Web Design by HyperInternet

Developing custom tailored brandable websites. Specialists in e-commerce, flash, online marketing and copy editing. Get up to speed!

Web Design for Beginners, Book 1

An excellent book complete with screen shots and easy-to-follow information for beginners to the internet and web design. This is the workbook used to teach students at The Ohio State University.

Web Design from Leading Java Applet Developer

Create your own Java Applets with WireFusion - a visual programming tool developed for creating Java applets and illustrations quickly and easily without knowing a single line of the Java language! Download the Shareware now.

Web Design Tips

Excellent source for web design information as well as tips for improving usability and functionality.

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