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Lots of good information on web design and graphics, by Lynda Weinman.

Making Good Use of Flash: When You Should and Shouldn't Use It!

by Josh Barinstein
If you are considering Flash for your Web site production, there are reasons why you would and would not want to tap into this great technology.

Making your tables look pretty with cellspacing and cellpadding

Cellspacing is, as you may have guessed, the amount of space between cells within the table. By default, cellspacing is set to 1, but controlling cellspacing is very simple.

MalekTips - Computer Tips & Software Links

This site has hundreds of free computer tips for Windows 95, 98, NT, DOS, web development, software packages such as Netscape and Microsoft Word, Internet basics, and more! MalekTips also offers a software download center and Q&A message forums.

Miami Web Design

A professional Florida-based web site design and maintenance company, with experience in HTML, ASP, CGI, Shockwave Flash, eCommerce, and interactive web sites. Award-winning designers with clients in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike.

Naskita webdesigner flash creation multimedia exclusives

Naskita offers a full range of multimedia and web services, design of web site, flash production, webdesigner flash, multimedia design, design of interfaces, e-commerce flash, dhtml, javascript, php3, php4, cgi, database sql.

Newby Development Web Hosting & Design

Newby Development, providing quality web site development, design, maintenance, site statistics, shopping carts, and hosting at reasonable rates.

Periwinkle Communiations LLC

Periwinkle Communications LLC provides custom web site design and web application programming.


Printscreen 2000 is the latest version of our Corporate Standard print screen utility. It is used by thousands of corporate, government and educational organizations due to its simple operation and versatility in both DOS And Windows environments.

reative Web Design : Tips and Tricks Step by Step by Michael Baumgardt

In this book, the author offers a detailed guide and numerous tips and tricks on how to design eye-catching Web pages. His book touches also the use of JavaScript, Shockwave, Cascading Style Sheets and Audio, which are commonly overlooked in other Web Des

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