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Making your tables look pretty with cellspacing and cellpadding

Cellspacing is, as you may have guessed, the amount of space between cells within the table. By default, cellspacing is set to 1, but controlling cellspacing is very simple.

Renaming/moving a page? 301 redirect it!

by Michael Bloch
If you are considering moving a page on your web site into another folder or simply renaming it; there's a couple of important points to consider. The most important issue is that if the page you are moving or renaming has a good search engine ranking already, or may have been bookmarked by your visitors; all your hard work could be lost.

Site Optimization Tutorial

Don't abuse your audience with slow page downloads. Learn how to streamline your code for a lean and fast site.

Table Salt And Graphics

by Bob McElwain
Most of us sprinkle a bit of salt over our meal before digging in. Although sufficient quantities were likely used in the kitchen. In doing so, we seek to add just a tad to the flavor. To heighten it just enough to suit our personal taste.

The Other Site

An introduction to web design and graphic design is contained in these pages. Resources as well as suggestions for graphic manipulation using photoshop are included as well.

The resurrection for the "designers adrenalin kick"

by Michael Christensen
Starting a web project from scratch can be an intimidating process. On the other hand we know what to expect: hours of planning - sweating in the late hours creating the design.

The Sevloid Guide to Web Design

Tips and tricks relating to every aspect of web design, covering page layout, navigation, content and graphics.

The Sevloid Guide to Web Design

Outlines the basic elements associated with good web design. Includes a tips and tricks section.

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

Many websites look awful. This quick checklist will help you make sure that yours isn't one of them.

Web Design Tips

Excellent source for web design information as well as tips for improving usability and functionality.

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