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Printing Your Website the Right Way

by Maricon Almonte March 15, 2005
There are so many techniques and methods available to create a user friendly website. The first one is by using a server side routine or print stylesheets.

10 Tips to improve your website

by Lou Speks
1. Reduce the size of your graphics. Making your page load as fast as possible is extremely important to keep your visitors. When a website takes to long to load they will go elsewhere.

7 Forgotten Rules of Business Web Site Design

by James Byrd
Even though millions of words have been written about business web site design, I am always astonished at how many marketing experts and web developers forget that business web sites MUST be designed for profit.

Building A Site You Like

by Bob McElwain
Some webmasters say, "Hey, I like my site. If you don't, tough." In the end, we all have to take this position, for it is impossible to please everyone.

Building Your Own Website

by Robin Nobles
You've been on the Internet for a while now, and you've visited hundreds of websites--everyone else's websites. It's time to build your own.

Building Your Own Website

by Robin Nobles
Okay, you have an HTML editor, you have plotted out your website, and you've taken time to read a few tutorials on what to do.

Create a Simple, Effective PHP Form for Your Web Site

by Herman Drost
If you have been struggling to set up forms on your web site using cgi, then definitely read this article. Installing a simple PHP form is much easier and faster than installing a cgi form and doesn't need any programming experience.

Creating custom error pages using .htaccess

by Michael Bloch
No doubt you've been frustrated after visiting a web site, then clicking on a link only to be presented with the dreaded :Error 404 - File not found


Free photoshop actions, plugins, brushes and plentyt of tutorials. Some web design tips and free javacripts.

Design Tips for Your Webpage

by Dr. Robert Sullivan
The Internet is exploding and a lot of companies are thinking about placing a "home page" on the World Wide Web. For maximum impact and user friendliness, keep the following guidelines in mind when designing your web presence.

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