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10 Questions for Your Logo Design

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Granny's Mettle
March 15, 2005

Granny's Mettle
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The following are ten questions for your logo design:

10 What is a logo? A logo is a trademark of a company or organization. It's the identity that encapsulates what your company stand for and what it wants to achieve in its lifetime. Companies do spend thousands, if not millions of dollars just to have the right logo.

9 Why should you use a logo? Your company's logo will be your visual tool to stimulate attention and leave a greater impact to your target audience that words may fall short of. Over time, logos prove to be the simplest and most direct way of promoting one's business presence. Make your logo give you your brand name recognition. It is your visual appeal to any document or web page because of its unique graphic image.

8 How much does a logo cost? A logo design can fetch from US$200 to $600 from service companies in the web. Outfits at the upper end of this price range generally create several designs for you to choose from. If your logo design requires more research, expect to pay US$1,500 to $3,000. It all depends on how often you're going to use your logo. If you're inclined to put your logo to almost every media material you have, then it is better for you to opt for the much higher price where there is research to be done.

7 What's the benefit of creating a unique logo? A unique and distinct company logo is more likely to gain trademark protection than those that are common. Because of its unique qualities, users will be able to associate your logo with your company right away, and any copies and duplicates will definitely be charged with property rights.

6 Where can I get help when creating my own logo? Assistance from a trademark lawyer is priceless when conducting a trademark search. You have to look out for logos that have the same design as yours. There is such a thing as infringement on another company logo or trademark. Also, a trademark lawyer would be beneficial for you in terms of gaining trademark protection.

5 Where can I get ideas for my logo design? One designer outfit recommends you start by looking in your refrigerator. A fridge usually contains all the well-known logos of your food and drinks. Look at your orange juice, beer, yogurt, mustard, mayo, and ketchup. What makes some logos stand out more than the others?
Next, head out to your favorite supermarket and again take note of the logos that stand out and those that do not. Another place to check out is the yellow pages for companies similar to the company you wish to start.

4 Is it advisable to use Clip Art in logos? If your business is locally inclined, say you just want to operate a small corner café, a strong corporate identity may be a bit too much. You could use your start-up funds on more important things like the interior design of your place for example. For times like these, a high quality solution would be the right typeface for your company name and high quality royalty free clip art. By trying out and mixing multiple clip art images, you can create a unique logo.

3 Can I trademark my logo created from clip art? A trademark lawyer advises that even if you alter drastically a clip art image, it may still be impossible to trademark. However, he said that one may consider using the design with the drastically altered clip art up until the company gets well underway and then later replace it with something similar yet completely original. This way, the company may have trademark protection.

2 What can I use to reduce computer memory on my images? Images and illustrations tend to eat much of computer memory. In order to decrease memory usage, vector graphics may be used. Vector graphics shrink and expand without loss of detail. They require less computer memory unlike a bitmap image which can take up to 2 to 10 MB of memory and loses detail when expanded.

1 What do I need to remember when designing my logo? A designer compares a logo to a story… "It is like a compressed story of your company…backed by a promise." It is a trademark that supports and represents your company's ideals and objectives. When designing your logo just keep this question in mind: What do I want my customers to expect and feel when they see my logo?

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