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Six Common Mistakes In Website Design That Kill Your Online Business

by Mike Spence October 20, 2006
Some websites fare well. Others falter - and miserably at that. What’s the difference? What do the successful websites do right and what do the failed websites do wrong?

WordPress Themes - Getting the Best Values

by Arthur Browning August 08, 2006
Webpage Templates are increasingly popular in several types of websites. The hottest area of the web, weblogging, gets thousands of new writers, visitors, and designers everyday. Many of these bloggers have joined with one of the dominant forces in weblogging – WordPress.

Creating a user friendly website for success

by Patrick p Tremblay August 03, 2006
When creating a website, it does not matter what the size of your website, you should include a comprehensive, text-based site map, with a link taking he visitor to every page with, a short explanation of what each page offers.

What makes a great web design?

March 31, 2006
When I was a young and inexperienced web designer, I was once asked what made a great web design. I blithely responded with something like "lots of cool graphics and moving objects!" I cringe when I remember this particularly dreadful moment in my life. My real concern, however, is with aspiring web designers today. I am an avid participant in online discussion forums and hear and deal with this issue plenty.

About PDF Forms

by Dominic Lachance March 20, 2005
Most people are aware of PDF files, but did you know that you can also turn a PDF file into a form that can be filled-in online? A PDF form could work the same way as any form that you may have filled-in on the web - just click, type in your info into the fields, and submit.

What's a Design Dinosaur

by Lala C. Ballatan March 20, 2005
Are you fond of applying and scrambling old and new design cliches in one helpless web page? Are you one of the thousands not yet enlightened that "too much of a good thing is bad"? Are you too engrossed in improvising other designs and not coming up with your own?

10 Questions for Your Logo Design

by Granny's Mettle March 15, 2005
There are so many techniques and methods available to create a user friendly website. The first one is by using a server side routine or print stylesheets.

14 Ways to Add Content to Your Web Site

by Herman Drost March 15, 2005
When I surf the Net, I often see web sites filled with beautiful graphics that strive to capture my attention. Well, they do so for an instant, however I click away when I don't immediately find relevant content.

Building Your First Web Site?

by TQ March 15, 2005
Creating your own site can be a satisfying experience. Here are some tips to help get you up and running.

How To Build A Website

by Matthew Coers March 15, 2005
Building your own website is clearly the least expensive route to establishing your business online, and it isn't really all that difficult to do.

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