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Rethinking Business Web Design - Why the Big Names Have “Amateur” Designs

by Matt Inglot June 16, 2006
If you are running or considering starting an online business then your website design and content are key factors. Before you spend thousands on a Flash monstrosity come take a look at the underwhelming visuals of big name sites and why you may wish to go their route.

Wide Vs. Narrow Design - The Screen Resolution War

by Mike Richard June 13, 2006
One of the first and most critical decisions web and user interface (UI) designers must face when designing for a fixed screen resolution is whether to design for the classic, narrow screen resolution of 800×600 pixels or the newer, now-more-commonplace resolution of 1024×768 pixels (and above).

Web Design: DIY, Free or Pay?

by Pat Hoolahan June 09, 2006
I don't know the exact statistics for the amount of web designers out there today, but I can say; I'm pretty sure that the numbers are extremely high.

12 Design Decisions Your Organization or Business Will Need to Make

An interactive article designed to help small business people make correct design decisions the first time. Returns an e-mail copy of decisions made.

AAA Web Design List and Free Web Resources Listing

International directory of web designers and free web resources listing.

Activ E-Book Compiler

HTML to EXE compiler for Windows (Free Download). Features include full compatability with Internet Explorer, unlimited files per E-Book, disable printing, password protected pages and more.

Creating Killer Web Sites

Various tutorials and techniques regarding web design. from David Seigal, author of "Creating Killer Web Sites".

Handy Hints for Web Designers

Web Designing is as easy as 1-2-3, claim some of the software tools on the market that "generate" your pages for you. Unfortunately, many web designers today have fallen prey to this marketing gimmick - and the results are obvious.


Lots of good information on web design and graphics, by Lynda Weinman.

MalekTips - Computer Tips & Software Links

This site has hundreds of free computer tips for Windows 95, 98, NT, DOS, web development, software packages such as Netscape and Microsoft Word, Internet basics, and more! MalekTips also offers a software download center and Q&A message forums.

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