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Should I Do My Own Web Design?

by Matthew Bredel November 19, 2007
You have something to sell or a message to spread and you want a website. What should you do? Should you pay a lot of money to hire someone to do it for you? Or, should you learn the art of web design yourself. There are pros and cons to both sides of the fence.

A Simple Guide to Designing Profitable Websites

by Dirk Dupon October 10, 2007
Some easy tips to boost your website conversion and online sales.

Quick Tips for Web Designers

by Sean Mize August 23, 2007
With the Internet daily visited by billions of people worldwide, web site designers are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder why so many people are dying to have a very competitive website. If you are a web site designer who wants your expertise become more rewarding, here are some tips for you.

Top Three Basics Many Websites Miss

August 16, 2007
The company website has become a key component to every organization's marketing infrastructure. It is often the first face to your prospects and as such must constantly be improved upon, added to, and/or modified. Because we frequently design and develop content for websites, we recently asked Abbo Peterson, owner of website evaluation service provider Vista Point Consulting, what three web design guidelines he often sees missed.

Photoshop Benefits Webmasters in a Big Way

by Anthony Amerson July 17, 2007
You can create the overall look of your site and then transfer it to Image Ready, which will then slice the image into smaller HTML elements.

Macromedia Fireworks MX Tutorial

by Neil Parnham June 14, 2007
In this tutorial we will show you how to use this fantastic program in a easy step by step visual based presentation to help ease the stresses of learning.

Simplicity is King in Web Design

by Ralph Ramah May 07, 2007
If you want to impress busy people who are short of patience and time, try the simplest web design you can put together.

Tips for Instructing Website Designers & Developers

by Kaltons Solicitors April 12, 2007
A reputable designer should have a set of standard terms and you should check they are fair and contain some basic provisions.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Web Site

by Adriana Iordan March 30, 2007
Several years ago, having a web page (as a business or as an individual), was an indicator of prosperity, and required a certain amount of financial power. Nowadays, almost everybody has one. They are easy to create (thanks to instant web page generators), even if they are not always works of art.

Your Complete Guide to Website Redesign

by Rajesh Tavakari March 26, 2007
There is no doubt that website redesign can be necessary for anyone. Here, we will take a much closer look at some of the things which you should be sure to take into consideration when you decide to have your website redesigned. Read on to learn more about this, as well as why website redesigning may be of importance to your website.

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