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Web 2.0 Colour Palette

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Stuart Brown
August 28, 2006

Stuart Brown
Stuart Brown is a web designer, developer, illustrator & artist based in Manchester, UK. He runs Modern Life: a blog about web development - design, programming, Google and SEO.

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Web 2.0 is about finding new ways to interact on the internet and collaboration, at least to a certain extent. Those of us in the know realise what Web2.0 is really all about - putting things on super shiney tables and painting them with gradients and candy colours and shiny silver and stuff.

Organised into 3 distinct colour groups - neutrals, muted tones and bold colours, you may recognize a few of the shades from some of your favourite Web2.0 sites. Now you can quickly and easily assemble your own colour scheme - simply choose any number of bold or muted colours, then add as many neutrals as you see fit - you'll have a Web2.0 masterpiece in no time at all!


Shiny silver [#EEEEEE]
Reddit white [#FFFFFF]
Magnolia Mag.nolia [#F9F7ED]
Interactive action yellow [#FFFF88]
Qoop Mint [#CDEB8B]
Gmail blue [#C3D9FF]
Shadows Grey [#36393D]


Mozilla Red [#FF1A00]
Rollyo Red [#CC0000]
RSS Orange [#FF7400]
Techcrunch green [#008C00]
Newsvine Green [#006E2E]
Flock Blue [#4096EE]
Flickr Pink [#FF0084]


Ruby on Rails Red [#B02B2C]
Etsy Vermillion [#D15600]
43 Things Gold [#C79810]
Writely Olive [#73880A]
Basecamp Green [#6BBA70]
Mozilla Blue [#3F4C6B]
Digg Blue [#356AA0]
Last.fm Crimson [#D01F3C]

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