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8 crucial tips to know before starting your web design business

Thinking about starting a web design business? These tips will keep you covered

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Ashley Wilson
February 21, 2019

Ashley Wilson

Ashley Wilson is a digital nomad and freelance writer from San Diego, California. When she is not busy baking cupcakes, Ashley loves writing about business, digital marketing, and finance.

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If you're considering starting your own web design business, it's going to require the same level of preparation as starting any business. In addition to developing a business and marketing strategy, there are issues specifically related to web design that you will have to address. These tips can give you a better idea of what will be involved in launching this project.


Keep Your Day Job

Starting a new business is a risk in itself, so it's a good idea to avoid unnecessary chances. Your regular full-time job will provide you a stable income as you get your business off the ground. Additionally, you may need the extra income to invest in marketing your business.


Don't Set Your Prices in a Vacuum

As you begin your business, you may not know how to set the prices for your services. Setting them too high can cost you customers, but setting them too low may result in losing money. The best approach is to evaluate the market ahead of time. You can search online for established businesses that are offering the same services you plan to provide. This will tell you the average rates, so you can keep your prices in a good range.


It's Never Too Soon to Romance Potential Clients

The success of your business is going to rely on building up a base of clients, but those in need of your services aren't going to flock to your door right away. Even the most brilliant marketing strategy takes time to work. It's going to be up to you to go out and find your first clients. Cold calling is the best way to do this, but be prepared to take advantage of any situation to promote your services.


A Home-Based Business has its Disadvantages

You might see the advantages of running your web design firm from your home, but you should consider the drawbacks as well. While it will save you money on renting office space, it also means clients will have access to your home. Unless you can isolate a designated area for your office, you may feel your privacy is often invaded. Additionally, working from home, even in managing your own business, can leave you feeling isolated and alone. If you can reconcile these concerns, operating your business out of your home and allowing your staff to do the same may be the best way to get started.


Your Website Must Stand Out

The website is often the first exposure consumers have with any business. As a web design business, you must ensure your website makes a powerful and positive impression. While the message your site conveys is important, it's visual appeal and functionality is also vital. You don't want your website to be cluttered with too much tech, but it should serve as an example of your work.


Make Sure You Get Paid

You must first realize that there are many options available to the public from do-it-yourself templates to one-size-fits-all services. Some customers aren't going to be happy with your prices and allowing them to pay upon completion may result in nonpayment. Requiring payment in advance puts you in a much better position by ensuring you won't be taken for a ride.


Marketing Begins with Social Media

Marketing your business will consume a big part of your time, thoughts, and resources. In the beginning, you may need to rely on free or inexpensive marketing opportunities. This begins with creating a social media following and building a relationship with those followers. When your followers feel valued, they will spend more time interacting with your page. They will share your posts and recommend your page to others. This digital version of word of mouth advertising can provide your business with the boost it needs. As you gain more clients, you may be able to pay for premium advertising, but you should always maintain those social media relationships.


Hire Help as Needed

Starting your business, there are going to be many costs that will drain your budget. If you can manage without help, go for it. However, if you know you need help with a certain aspect of your business, hire the people you need. Some entrepreneurs go overboard and hire too many employees. The expense of paying salaries and providing benefits can eat up the profits you make in the beginning. Hire a limited staff until your business starts to grow.


These considerations require thought and analysis before you jump into the launch of your business. Being conservative in the beginning will help you grow your business faster and without unnecessary headaches. You should also develop an exit plan either for your retirement or if the business fails. Web design can be a lucrative business as long as you plan ahead and try to anticipate problems before they affect your business.

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