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Fatal Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes that People are Still Making

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Charlie Brown
November 15, 2017

Charlie Brown
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Conversion rate optimization or CRO is a methodic approach, almost scientific if you get a closer look at it. Successful testing of many variables decides whether the CRO methodology is working or not. Many business owners do not even know why the visitors are leaving their webpage without buying. Have you ever thought about this? Have you ever tried to monitor how many leave your webpage without hitting the buy button? If you have not, this is the time you do it. A closer look at your website and a review of your optimization strategy will reveal much shocking information which otherwise you would not have found.


Decision Disaster  

Well, the problem begins with not being able to decide which will increase the conversion rate. LeadPages vs. Clickfunnels is common which the entire digital marketing world is still pondering over. Which one is more important? Which one will increase the conversion rate? Which one deserves more focus? The plethora of questions has made it difficult for the SEO experts to come up with a decision.


To make the matter simple, it is best to say, though these two pages have their differences, these two still are a great promotional tool. Each one serves a separate purpose. This is why you need to hire an expert if you are not sure which page will convert the visitors into customers. Landing page comparison is a complex task which calls for expertise.


Selling the Same

This is sad sometimes people try to cash on the same old concept. This is more like repeating the success formula. There are too many websites, which display products that have lost the USP or don't have any USP, to begin with. Such products usually create a problem in conversion. You need to remember that there are thousands of websites and they all are selling similar products and concepts. This is why you need to be careful about what you are selling. To increase the conversion rate you need to decide upon a selling point which will attract the visitors’ attention.


The proper USP will be honest with the brand essence. The USP should show express your brand value to the buyers. Modern day SEO experts use simple and crunchy lines or images to motivate the visitors to buy the products.


Slow and Steady

If it is slow, it will not be steady. At least it will not bring steady conversion. Yes, it will steadily chase the visitors away. SEO experts have organized a study which shows that more than 45% visitors leave a website when it does not get loaded within 2 seconds. High bounce rate occurs due to slow loading sites. For an increase in conversion rate, it is imperative that you monitor the website loading speed. Additionally, a study has seen that 7% reduction occurs due to even one second loading time delay. Websites also lose the Google ranking due to slow loading website.


Designs that Evoke no Emotion

Web design plays a significant role in conversion. The first impression is an essential thing which increases the business capability of your website. In the modern era, solid digital presence gives businesses the credibility to make earn trust of the potential customers. This is why it is essential to pay attention to the broken link, poor designs and cluttered images. Ensuring that you are updated with the latest technology will help you combat the problem.


Lack of Focus on Landing Page

Ignoring the landing page is a common approach that most of the people make. They pay attention to the service page or about us page. However, the landing page remains ignored like a prodigal child. People often forget that landing page is essential because of the obvious reason. People land on this page. This page works like wonder when it comes to conversion. Therefore, if you are thinking of implementing a conversion rate optimization strategy, you need to focus on the landing page.


To optimize the landing page for conversion, you need to know what you should avoid. One of the problems with the landing page is – people fail to understand whether to use the existing landing page for the optimization purpose or to create a new landing page altogether. The best thing about landing page is – it focuses on one idea. This helps the marketers to reach the target customers. The landing page can be used to track the customer activities as well. The perfect landing page should have all the essential elements of keywords or videos. Additionally, the page should display proper content as well.


Lack of Images

The users need to feel your products to connect to it. Top SEO firms have studied the visitors’ behavior. They have found that websites that have relevant images attract 90% more viewers than the ones that don't feature pictures. Therefore, if you are focusing on flowery text and ignoring models, you are making conversion rate optimization mistakes, which will cost you in the future.


To get more traffic, SEO experts use more significant and high-quality images with zooming option. Additionally, they use real-life photos to add some human touch to the website.


Poor Quality Content

Content plays the visitor engagement role. This is one of the reasons why digital marketing experts focus on quality content when they implement conversion rate optimization plan. With quality content, your website can acquire high ranking in the search engine. Google monitors the credibility of the contents featured on the sites. This is why poor quality content is the sure way to ruin the conversion rate optimization strategy.


Update or Lose

People usually stay on the websites which they can trust. For this, your website needs to be updated. Also, a site with adequate testimonial has a higher chance of converting visitors into customers. Modern-day buyers read reviews before buying anything. They do not read product description only.


Errors are parts of any venture. However, it is vital that you avoid making the common ones who set all your promotion effort into reverse motion. 

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