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Web Design Tips for E-commerce Websites

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Emily Benson
April 19, 2017

Emily Benson

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Online shopping market is rapidly increasing with each passing day. A lot of thanks goes to E-commerce website operators who use advanced technologies and latest trends to offer the best shopping experience to buyers on their sites.

A well-designed E-commerce website can attract a large number buyers and help its owners to generate handsome revenues. If you are planning to create an E-commerce website, you can use the below- mentioned web design tips to make your site more user-friendly and operate a successful E-commerce business:

1. Reliable Shopping Cart

It is extremely important for all E-commerce website owners to add an easy-to-use shopping cart software to their sites. It makes the online shopping easier for buyers. It allows them to add or remove products (depending on their needs) to the shopping list and check all of them before placing the order.

You should choose the color pattern of your site's shopping cart carefully so that it may look different from the shopping carts available on other E-commerce websites.

2. Ensure Minimal Clicking On Your Website

When customers browse your website, they may be impressed with it if they are able to perform their tasks (such as finding their desired products) within minimum clicks.

On the other hand, if customers face problems to use your website, they simply go away and may not return in the future as well. Therefore, you must keep the website structure and design in the simplest form and streamline important functions such as Email sign-up process, check-out process, registration process, etc. It helps shoppers to complete their tasks easily without seeking anyone's assistance.

3. Hassle-Free Navigation

Online shoppers look for convenience in navigation when they land on E-commerce websites. Therefore, you should eliminate complications on your site, categorize all products and services in the minimum categories and guide users towards the right path as per their desire. It helps visitors to know where to start on your website to accomplish various actions.

4. Display Advanced Search Options 

If your E-commerce website has an ordinary search facility, then it will not be useful for online shoppers in this fast and modern age. These days, customers have no time to go through a number of product pages on your E-commerce site, look for their specifications, price, and other details separately and waste a lot of time to compare different products with each other to choose the best one.

If you offer the advanced search facility on your E-commerce website, customers will be able to search their favorite products/services on different parameters such categories, brands, price, etc, without visiting multiple pages on your website. It can improve the usability of your site and contribute to its sales up to a great extent.

5. Display Total Cost of Products Straightforwardly

There are many E-commerce website owners who don't display the overall cost of products (like product shipping cost) on their site until and unless customers complete their orders. It is deceptive practice and they may feel cheated.

In order to avoid customer dissatisfaction, you need to display the overall cost of products prominently. It will help buyers to make buying decisions accordingly.

6. Appropriate Customer Support

There are numerous entrepreneurs who ignore the great importance of having an appropriate customer support infrastructure for their E-commerce websites. When customers use your products and services regularly, then issues/problems are bound to flourish.

If you offer 24*7/365 days customer support to shoppers, it will allow them to get their issues resolved easily and effortlessly. For this, you need to display your contact numbers, Email Ids on the front page of your site and add a chatbot (virtual assistant) to it.

7. Up-To-Date Product Pages

The product page is a place on your E-commerce site where buyers can get all important details (such as price, shipping charges, warranty, specifications, testimonials, etc,) about a particular product and take action accordingly.

Therefore, you should design product pages beautifully and keep them up-to-date to educate customers very well about your products and services. A well-informed buyer can give you more business opportunities.

8. Use Good quality images

Images are part and parcel of E-commerce websites. E-commerce website owners use them extensively to let shoppers view the products they want to buy. It captivates their buying intent and they may take decisions swiftly.

Therefore, when you list products on your E-commerce website, you should use clear and high-quality images to attract buyers. You can implement image optimization technology to compress images without affecting their quality. It is essential to keep your site light and save your valuable resources.

9. Use Colors And Fonts Carefully

The careful use of colors and fonts is essential to improve the usability of your site. You should use eye-pleasing colors and soothing fonts that resemble with your business or brand and keep buyers away from unnecessary distractions.

10. Minimize Clutters

E-commerce website owners, in a bid to maximize the output of the E-commerce business, display a number of commercial advertisements, Pop-ups, promotional messages, RSS feeds, etc, on their website. All these may district users and they may not take actions for which they landed on your website.

Therefore, you must determine what is necessary on your website. Based on your priority, you must keep only necessary elements on your site and delete troublesome clutters.

Final Words

By implementing the above-mentioned web design tips, you can make your E-commerce website more professional and generate enough business through it.

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