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Importance of Database Uptime

by Stephen J. Richards July 20, 2007
For many businesses, logging, warehousing and processing information about transactions is the lifeline of their corporate strategy and crucial to their profitability.

Understanding IT

by Vera a leonik July 09, 2007
Business experts are paying much attention to IT. And it is not more technology they are looking for – it is more business.

Design an Online Chat Room with PHP and MySQL

by Rory Canyon May 04, 2007
In this article, you will learn how to design and develop a simple online chat room with PHP and MySQL. This tutorial explains every steps of the development, including both database design and PHP programming. Basic computer skills and knowledge of HTML and PHP are required.

Data Replication for a Disaster Recovery

by Radoslaw Czajkowski January 19, 2007
IT requirements concerning a disaster recovery are usually quite complex but if you take your time and create a disaster recovery plan then implementing these solutions will be easy and will let you be well prepared in case of an eventual disaster.

Web Site Design Mistakes -- Database Parameters In URLs

by Halstatt Pires January 17, 2007
Many web site designers don’t take into account the effect of database parameters in site URLs. A database parameter tells the server what should be loaded onto a particular page when a viewer tries to see it.

Strengthen Your Website Content With Online Database Access

by David Riewe October 24, 2006
By applying the latest database tools, any website publisher can now cement the most loyal of customer relationships by ensuring that his customer has a reason to keep coming back.

Who Sees You? Where Has Your Article Been Today?

by Hamant Keval September 29, 2006
Website Tracking Software that will Track all your websites from one main Dash Board and installed on one website Will Trak your sites for indexed pages, back links and all your articles from one place.

Privacy And Security Features Of Internet Explorer

by Roger Stuart September 28, 2006
Microsoft Internet Explorer is a Web browser developed by Microsoft Corporation. It integrates the PC and the Internet by providing a single Explorer view and Web-savvy Start menu and taskbar.

For Automated Sites - PHP and MySQL Are A Perfect Match

by Halstatt Pires August 17, 2006
There are many types of programs that can be used to automate a web site including JavaScript, PHP, Perl, ASP, Java and more. So, which do you use?

Planning a backup and restoration of files for disaster recovery.

by Team uCertify July 21, 2006
Planning a backup and restoration of files is the most important step to protect data from accidental loss in the event of data deletion or a hard disk failure. The backup copy can be used to restore lost or damaged data. For taking backups and restoring files, Microsoft has provided a utility called Backup. The Backup utility creates a copy of data on a hard disk of a computer and archives data on another storage media. Any storage media such as removable disks, tapes, and logical drives can be used as a backup storage.

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