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Privacy And Security Features Of Internet Explorer

by Roger Stuart September 28, 2006
Microsoft Internet Explorer is a Web browser developed by Microsoft Corporation. It integrates the PC and the Internet by providing a single Explorer view and Web-savvy Start menu and taskbar.

Planning a backup and restoration of files for disaster recovery.

by Team uCertify July 21, 2006
Planning a backup and restoration of files is the most important step to protect data from accidental loss in the event of data deletion or a hard disk failure. The backup copy can be used to restore lost or damaged data. For taking backups and restoring files, Microsoft has provided a utility called Backup. The Backup utility creates a copy of data on a hard disk of a computer and archives data on another storage media. Any storage media such as removable disks, tapes, and logical drives can be used as a backup storage.

ASP Database Tutorial

Site contains many database tutorials.

Building an Internet Database

Learn to create and connect your database to the web using MS Access or Filemaker Pro.

Hot Scripts

Tips and Tutorials : Database-Related.

Introduction to Databases for the Web

An excellent introduction to setting up your own web enabled database. Divided into 4 sections.

Mini SQL (mSQL) basics

An index to FAQ's that demonstrate how to use the Mini SQL (mSQL) database.

PHP Princess Tutorials

Databases How to backup and upload your database using phpMyAdmin This tutorial shows ... If you would like to contribute tutorials, please sign up and login here.

Web Database Primer Plus: Connect Your Database to the World Wide Web Using Html, Cgi, and Java

Covers databases such as Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Sybase, Oracle, and Informix.

Webmonkey: PHP/MySQL Tutorial

Three-lesson tutorial.



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