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SQL Server 2000 and Security

by Team uCertify July 23, 2007
In SQL Server, before a user connects to a database, he passes through two stages of security: authentication and permissions validation (authorization).

Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure

by Team uCertify July 03, 2006
Windows Server 2003 Active Directory is a centralized database that stores the collection of information about all the resources available on the Windows Server 2003 domain.

SQL Injection Attacks by Example

by Steve Friedl June 07, 2006
"SQL Injection" is subset of the an unverified/unsanitized user input vulnerability ("buffer overflows" are a different subset), and the idea is to convince the application to run SQL code that was not intended.

Active Data Corporation

Custom Programming, Software Tools and Consulting.

Interactive/On-line SQL Tutorial

This unique introductory SQL tutorial not only provides easy-to-understand SQL instructions, but it allows you to practice what you learn using the on-line SQL interpreter.

Manifold Database Commander

Manifold Database Commander is an extraordinarily powerful database tool that works with almost any database. At its simplest level, Database Commander lets you create, browse, manipulate, and run statistics on SQL Server and other data sources.


This unique SQL Tutorial will provide you with more advanced easy-to-follow SQL Instruction and the ability to practice what you learn on-line with immediate feedback!

The WWW-SQL Home Page

This page contains information about WWW-SQL, which is a program written by me (James Henstridge). It is used to display information from MySQL or PostgreSQL databases in web pages. It does this with a simple embeded scripting language.



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