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Warning Signs Of Identity Theft

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Techs Crunch
September 07, 2016

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Ignorance or being unaware of identity theft is one of the main reasons why this crime is perpetrated in so many instances. More often than not, the victim of identity theft simply does not know of its occurrence. Sometimes it is because the victim has been lax in a few preventive measures and other times it is because the identity thief has been extraordinarily smart and cunning.

Whatever be the reason, ignorance – on the part of the victim – is definitely not bliss. Here are a few warning signs to watch out for when it comes to identity theft.

Surprising calls

An identity thief may have used your credentials and information to:

  • Open bank accounts.
  • Get credit and debit cards.
  • Apply for loans.
  • Get different kinds of insurance and so on.

He then goes shopping with the credit card. Come payment time, he is nowhere to be found. But the address and contact details on the card are yours so obviously you are going to get calls from collection agencies.

Even if it is one call that you have received, you should immediately send official letters to the credit card company or bank stating that you have not used a card to conduct financial transactions.

Credit reports

Get your free credit reports every year. The earliest warning sign will show up in these reports. Check to see if new accounts have been opened in your name. Keep a check on your credit score to ensure that it has not suddenly nosedived.

Get professional help

It is a very wise idea to get professional help. Reading Lifelock reviews, for instance will tell you about how protection services can alert you on any suspicious activity on any of your accounts. This is very useful because you will then be able to take immediate action on remedying the situation.

Denial of service

If you apply for loans, financial products, insurance and so on and get a negative response then you should investigate the reason for this denial. This is especially important if you have been diligent about repaying your loans and maintaining your bank accounts conscientiously in the past. A negative entry in your credit score may have been generated because of the thief’s actions and finding out about this is imperative.

Your bills

If you expect a certain bill in the mail or even by email – then keep tabs on the same. If you do not get a particular bill by a certain date then find out what is going on. You should also clear your mailbox everyday so a thief will not be able to pull out any important papers and misuse the same. You also should not be getting bills for products or services that you have not used or ordered. Instead of throwing away such a bill, you should contact the merchant or seller to find out what is going on.

Finally, any unsolicited email or communication of any sorts from a card company or financial service or insurance provider should get your attention and prove as cause for further investigation.

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