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account finder

introducing account finder 1.0. designed to assist webmasters with the daily maintenance of the private website directories. misplaced your username and/or password to your favorite members-only website? download this program and send it to the web...

An Easy E-Mail Script Kit with Autoreply - Free

BrainCode's e-mail with autoreply is designed for those new to Perl, and is especially easy to install. Perl veterans will also find this a useful script set to quickly get basic e-mail with autoreply onto a site. Excellent, complete, thorough documentati

castle trace

a simple traceroute interface using your servers traceroute gateway. includes meta-character removal and referrer checking.


Cdomain is a nicely designed whois gateway.It allows a user to check and see if a domain is available. It shows the results in plain english, i.e., "Domain is not available" or "Domain is available".The user also has the option to view the whois output on

CGI City: The Commander

The Commander allows you to run Unix commands from your web browser and is particularly useful if your web provider doesn't allow you shell access. Warning: This script is very dangerous.

Domain Name Checker

This script simply does a whois for the domain you enter, then indicates whether or not the domain has been taken.

fluid dynamics: apache guardian

this utility replaces document not found and related error codes with helpful messages, and notifies the site administrator of the visit. very useful for detecting those who try to hack secure directories or exploit cgi bugs. demonstration and free

i-Depth, remote hosted CGI for web site builders

With i-Depth you don't need to be a programmer to add web server functions like Calculating Order Forms, Ad Banners, Forums, Guestbooks, Hit Counters, ServerSide Imagemaps, Simple Text Searches, Postcards, Classified Ads, real Form Processing, Chat, Shopp


Elsop developed LinkScan using a file system navigation approach to provide users with software capable of verifying many links in a short period of time.


Complete Unix system monitor that checks key parts of your system every 5 minutes and reports to you if it finds any problems.

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