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Advanced MetaSearch Engine

Advanced Metasearch is a fast, multiple query real-time web search engine. Professional, scalable, fully customizable websearching solution at an affordable price. Quick and easy installation. Built-in support for vast range of important options and speci

APB Search

APB Search is a script that first creates an index file and then allows users to search for keywords. Main features include a setup wizard, no editing, custom...

Chatologica Global Search

A metasearch script that will allow you to start your own search engine that scours other search sites.

CurryGuide: Meta Search Engine

Fast Dedicated Meta Search Engine for webmasters. It's your own search engine running with your own design, layout, banners and configurations. No CGI knowledge required. More than 4000 search options, easy and reliable. Uses New 'Virtual Search Technolog

Engine Redirector

Allows your visitors to query search engines from your site and has the option to log what they're searching for.

Fluid Dynamics: Intermediate Search

Intermediate Search is an internal search engine for your website, very similar to Matt Wright's Simple Search. This script expands on the simple one by taking into account new Meta tags, such as keywords and description. The list of hits for a particular


Htgrep is a CGI script written in Perl that allows you to query any document accessible to your HTTP server on aparagraph-by-paragraph basis. Htgrep is a generic front-end to htgrep.pl, a Perl package that makes itrelatively easy to implement simple searc

i-Depth - (remote hosted) Simple Text Search

Got content? Need people to be able to search by categories or key words? Try simple TEXT Search. FREE 7-Day Trial.

Matt's Script Archive: Simple Search

Simple Search takes a specified list of files and searches each page for the keywords which users specify. It also includes boolean options, allowing for AND/OR searches as well as Case Sensitivity.


This script with the full affliate program support allow your surfers search: Altavista, 7search, google,etc. Also can search borders.com for books, videos and music. Script support affliates programs of these sites, and you will be paid for user searches

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