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Core Web Programming (Core Series) by Marty Hall, Gary Cornell

Becoming a Web developer these days requires expertise in a variety of disparate languages and tools and usually requires a whole shelf of books. Core Web Programming delivers all you need to become a competent Web developer in one massive text. It covers

Mastering Regular Expressions by Jeffrey E. Friedl and Andy Oram

Regular expressions are powerful tools for manipulating text and data. They make CGI programming easier and faster.

Teach Yourself Cgi Programming With Perl 5 in a Week by Eric Herrmann

Introduction to CGI programming. This book includes many script examples and code.

The CGI Book by Bill Weinman

Includes many examples of working scripts in Perl, C, and Unix shell.

The Cgi/Perl Cookbook by Craig Patchett, Matthew Wright, Peter Holfelder

Excellent book on learning CGI and Perl. LOts of useful examples. Written by Matt Wright, creator of the CGI Resources Index.



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