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Developing ASP Components, 2nd Edition by Shelly Powers

The second edition of Developing ASP Components has the information and real-world examples you need to create custom ASP components.

Free Shopping Cart

Download and use this shopping cart for free.

How can I sort a VB Script array in ways other than by case-sensitive alphanumeric order, like numeric value, length of string, or even randomly?

by Richard Lowe
In order to sort an array in customized ways, you first have to implement the sort() method of the JScript array in VBScript.

Introduction to Active Server Pages

Sample code and introductory tutorial to get you strted with ASP.


Jobsite and community for ASP professionals

Live chat one to one help desk ASP solution

Live2support is customer relation management solution for one to one live chat with availability status and real time visitors monitoring. Live2support is low cost ASP solution, keeps you free from your own development, maintenance and upgrade research.

Programmer's Resource

Resources for ASP, Access, Web Technology. Includes source code, tips, links, and a developer's chat.

Scripting with ASP

Active Server Pages provides an easy-to-learn scripting interface that simplifies many Web development tasks.

Top 10 ASP Tips

If you use ASP, this is a great resource.

Unlocking Active Server Pages by Christoph Wille

The audience for Unlocking Active Server Pages will be programmers who are currently using a scripting language such as VBScript, JavaScript PerlScript, or JScript. This will include the directives that can be used, preexisting functions, using ActiveX Co

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