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Branding IT Outsourcing Services: New Era Demands New Approach
October 09, 2007
Today the most widespread marketing problem for outsourcing providers is the absence of strong branding. There are great many companies in outsourcing industry based in locations with competitive cost advantages. Companies in such situations usually face challenging doubts about strategy and techniques of branding. Selection of brand and its application practices was not at hot button speed. Nowadays choosing a brand looks like searching for what you like in a supermarket.

Culturing Marketing Media Virus
September 04, 2007
Nowadays a huge amount of facts about viral marketing can be found, its definitions and types. Moreover, there are not so many experts who are able to flag what is what - what is a hidden marketing or guerrilla marketing - what is said to be substandard marketing campaigns.

Understanding IT
July 09, 2007
Business experts are paying much attention to IT. And it is not more technology they are looking for – it is more business.



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