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How to Improve Your Computer Operations with Reg Cleaners
December 18, 2006
If you ever experience slow times on your computer, error messages or other malfunctioning of your systems, you could need your registry cleaned. What happens is that the Windows registry in your computer acts as a central database, with information classified according to various data and / or criteria in successive layers or levels. And Windows uses this stored data to configure your system for not only users but software applications and hardware devices.

Adware Issues to Avoid
October 25, 2006
Adware is a type of software that is most often packaged in with other software, unbeknownst to the buyer or end user of the software. Categorized as an advertising-supported device, this adware software is then set to automatically install, load and run advertising material on the end user’s computer after or while the original software is installed on it and being used.



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