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Is Your Business Website "Old School"?
November 24, 2006
Is your business website's potential stunted by its use of outdated coding technology? This article explains how replacing tables-based HTML coding with Cascading Style Sheets can drive search engine traffic, improve the customer experience, save you money on hosting and maintenance and give your website a professional look that makes a lasting impression.

Ten Ways To Clear Bad Press From Search Engine Results
November 10, 2006
If you're in a situation where negative publicity is front and center in search results, there are ways you can reclaim search engine real estate for your corporate identity. Though you can’t make negative results disappear from the search engine indexes entirely, the following strategies can help them slip off the first few pages of search engine results.

Search Engine Copywriting For Business Owners
November 06, 2006
Find out how you how making simple changes to your existing website copy yourself can go a long way to help your search engine rankings.



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