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No Time To Blog? Bloggers' Block? 5 Strategies To Developing Quick and Beneficial Blog Content
October 13, 2006
Being consistent with your expected posting schedule is crucial when it comes to maintaining an audience. Below are 5 strategies for populating your blog when you find yourself short on time and creativity. We use the top 4 to ensure the Tomato is fed its daily article.

SEO Can Be Snake Oil
August 11, 2006
The most important, and overlooked step in optimization is choosing a search phrase with which you will be able to compete. The goal is to expose your site to the most searchers, with the least amount of competition.

If Your Write It, They Will Come
August 08, 2006
Getting exposure online is as easy as writing about your industry on your website. By discussing your services and experiences on your website, you are naturally going to cover many topics as your content develops. The broader your efforts, the larger the net you have to capture leads from traffic looking for real estate answers.



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