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Social Media Marketing 101: Weathering the Controversy
November 21, 2007
If you want to remain a part of the social media community, you have to learn to weather the good times and the bad. Here are a few tips for handling controversy gracefully.

Social Media Outreach 101: 5 Tips for Integrating into Communities
November 09, 2007
With a little care and planning, you can gain exposure for your business as well as gaining insights into your customers' needs and wants. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the digital waters safely.

Tips for Creating Content for Your Blog or Newsletter
November 05, 2007
Rather than letting your blog or newsletter go for weeks or even months without updating, spark your inspiration with these simple tips.

Finding Your PR Topics
October 08, 2007
"But...but...how do I find newsworthy topics?" you may be asking. Well, never fear. If you're running low on PR ideas, here are a few places you can look for topics.

Advanced Article Marketing: Getting Into Magazines
September 13, 2007
If you think you can expand an article you've written to make it substantially different, then chances are good that you'll be able to pitch it to a magazine. But first, you have to get it to the editor and you have to convince them that their readers will revolt unless your article goes in the first available issue.

Article Marketing 101: Writing Your Article
August 31, 2007
If your articles sound unprofessional and poorly written, you might be surprised at how fast it can drive people away. If you want to get the most into your article content, here are a few tips to give you an edge over 90 percent of the articles out there.

First Contact: Can the Press Reach You?
August 24, 2007
Reporters want to know more about your business, and you want to tell them about it. Here are a few ways to keep them from getting a headache while searching your website for just one email.

6 Tips for Getting More Mileage Out of Your Article Marketing
August 20, 2007
A well-written article can be a powerful resource if you know how to use it. Here a few tips for getting the most out of that investment of time and effort.

8 Online Press Release Mistakes
August 13, 2007
Chances are you're making some critical mistakes with your releases that are rendering them ineffective. Here are eight common mistakes in online press releases, and how you can takes steps to avoid them.



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