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Web Accessibility Is Much More Than Showing Empathy To Disabled Persons
October 09, 2019
Today, life revolves around the web because it has become an essential resource that impacts our daily lives. Whether it is apps or websites, we are dependent on the internet in some way to make our living more comfortable.

Essential SEO Tips and Recommendations for Start-up sites
November 23, 2018
An important marker of success for a new business or a start-up is the internet traffic driving force through Google or other popular search engines.

Why Instagram should be an integral part of your social media marketing?
October 26, 2018
Social media marketing on Instagram recently rose to great popularity for some of the best features in Instagram which no other social media account offers. The use of features like hashtags is common and also works great on twitter.

Increase Revenue Generation by Focusing Your Marketing Efforts on Email and Instagram
April 30, 2018
When we talk about web marketing or online marketing, email marketing is something that we cannot put aside.

Fatal Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes that People are Still Making
November 15, 2017
Conversion rate optimization or CRO is a methodic approach, almost scientific if you get a closer look at it. Successful testing of many variables decides whether the CRO methodology is working or not.

A Quick Guide on Choosing a Blogging Platform
April 07, 2017
If you are planning to launch your blog, it is important to plan ahead. One of the major considerations is of course the blogging platform to use.

Four Powerful Keyword Research Techniques for Website SEO
March 09, 2017
What haven’t you heard about SEO and internet marketing campaigns? Sure, these campaigns increase traffic to your site, boosting sales and brand awareness.

How To Increase Your WordPress Functionality With the Optimized Divi Theme
July 05, 2016
Divi is a real multi-purpose, full RTL supported theme because of the variety of features. Its functionality is diverse and therefore used by many web designers.

These Five Themes should be in Your Wordpress directory
December 08, 2015
Since its inception in 2003, Word press has moved from a joint effort of its two founders; Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Today, it is a global community of web designers, developers and boosts of millions of users. With countless of themes to choose from, it is easy to pick one to make it your premier choice for your corporate or social ventures or simply go for a free theme.

Learn more about SEO for the benefit of your website
September 17, 2015

Let’s Mix Things Up: A Few Tips On How to Combine Typefaces Successfully for Your Website
September 15, 2015
Choosing the perfect typeface for your web design project can be a long and arduous task. It can make a grown web designer cry when you finally have the typeface of your dreams. However, for most web design projects, this is just the tip of the iceberg. One typeface is quite never enough. In order to create more visual interest and help the user follow the flow of information in order of priority, you will need to combine several typefaces.



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