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How to Get Stakeholder Feedback in the Web Development Process
October 23, 2017
There are multiple stakeholders in any given website development project.

Making Your Brand Go Viral
June 15, 2016
Everyone remembers concepts and brands that have gone viral, just as people recognize the jingles from commercials they grew up with. Viral content stays in the mind and has a compelling draw that inspires people to share it.

Building An Application That Is Fast And Secure
February 22, 2016
It is quite easy to get started as a web or mobile application developer. Most of the coding skills required are easy to learn and ready to access. For web applications, tutorials for technologies like PHP, Ruby on Rails or Python are freely available on the internet for anybody to get started.

Building a Smart Business Through Cloud-Based Enterprise Automation
August 24, 2015
Until recently, a small business’ entire stock of IT resources consisted of an Internet-connected computer, an email client, a spreadsheet software, and some sort of accounting application.

How to Set Up an Effective Pre-Launch Campaign at Zero Cost
February 11, 2015
The "world-wide web" hit a milestone last September – there are now more than one billion websites on the internet today. Given this humongous size, it is no longer true that 'if you build it, they will come'.

Things To Consider While Building An Enterprise Web Or Mobile Application
September 23, 2014
Technology has made it possible for businesses to be available to customers anytime, anywhere and in any form. But the downside to this omnipresence is the growing defragmentation when it comes to actually building applications.

How Much Should Your Business Spend On Website Development
August 21, 2014
If you have been reading a lot of small business blogs, you might have noticed how they all emphasize on the need for businesses to have websites for what they do. There is no shying away from the fact that websites help your business get more visibility and thereby more business.



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