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How to Make your URLs SEO Friendly
May 28, 2007
URL rewriting can bring on the right track in the race for SEO. Tips on using mod rewrite.

AdWords Campaigns? Avoiding the Mistakes
March 05, 2007
How to avoid the most common AdWords errors. Some of the most common AdWords campaign mistakes come from superficiality or insufficient knowledge about the targeted market and the way the Web works.

How to Write a Press Release for the Web?
February 26, 2007
Self-promotion is an important factor for the success of a business. One way to achieve this is through properly written and promoted press releases.

Effective SEO through Good Code Structure
November 13, 2006
How to improve your website code to rank better in search enginesFor a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy, take into consideration that search engines look at content and also at the structure of the markup. They emphasize the importance of text content, page titles, keywords rich text, meta descriptions and information architecture. A website where quality of content and code prevails will rank higher in the major search engines.



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